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  • Flamingo RDA
Flamingo RDA

Flamingo RDA

  • color: black red
  • size: 24*38mm
  • Pure copper material
  • type: RDA
  • Product description:

Kit configuration: 

RDA nebulizer*1 (with PEK mouthpiece 810)

Spare black 810 mouthpiece*1

Finished heating wire *2 (NI80 26GA*2+38GA)

Cotton piece

Spare seal*4

Allen wrench *1

Spare screws*4



RDA atomizer - stepped electrode column, base anti-skid wire positioning pin design, no longer have to worry about the atomizer does not screw down!


1. Stepped electrode column design: Step up and down silk lock table, to avoid excessive adjustment of the heating wire foot, lock wire simple and beautiful

2. Base anti-skid wire positioning pin design: Base and atomizing chamber with anti-skid wire positioning pin to prevent the atomizer from being screwed down

3. Pure copper material: The base and the electrode column are made of pure copper, and the threading holes are relatively large, which can meet the use of most heating wires in the market.

4. airflow adjustment: the bottom of the intake can be fine, reducing the taste

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